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Our Personal & Business Values


We put a great deal of time and effort into sourcing our raw materials from suppliers who also hold firm to a no-cruelty ethos.

There is no animal testing involved in any of our products or their base ingredients. We choose to only purchase from suppliers who can verify that they do not test on animals.

All of our products are vegan-friendly as they do not contain any animal derived products.

We only use recyclable or compostable materials and all of our products are safe for the environment.

Simply by the nature of the ingredients needed to make our shower bombs, they need to be packaged in plastic to protect them from moisture. We are so proud to be able to say that the plastic that we use is oxo-biodegradable which means that within 2-3 years of being in landfill conditions, our plastic will completely biodegrade without leaving any trace of the original polymer components which were used to make the plastic in the first place. 

To enable this degradation process, the plastic is impregnated with a unique independently certified additive that activates as soon as it is in an anaerobic landfill environment.

The additive in the polymer attracts the natural microbes that exist in landfill, to process and eat it the same way it would if it was organic waste.  Every landfill is different but this process should only take around 2-3 years.

Unlike normal plastics, Oxo Bio-degradable plastic bags do not just fragment. Bacteria and biological organisms take control of the degradation process after the additive has reduced the plastics molecular structure to a level suitable for the living micro-organisms to access the carbon and hydrogen produced, subsequently these bags are “biodegradable.”

This process continues until the material has degraded to nothing more than CO2, water, and humus, which are totally assimilated back into the environment. This process does not leave any traces of the original polymer components used to build the bag in the first place.